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4 Things Home Buyers Look for in Kitchen Cabinetry

Believe it or not, kitchen cabinets can make or break your chance to sell your home. Home buyers put high points on the kitchen and baths, knowing how much time is spent in them each day, so managing the condition of your cabinets before you list your home for sale increases your chance of selling your house. But what are home buyers using as their scale to grade kitchen cabinets? Focusing on these four factors will get you an A+ on your cabinets.

    1. Quality: The quality of your kitchen cabinets is crucial. Be sure to focus on details like the hinges and runners, and if its budget-friendly, custom made cabinetry can add value to your home’s asking selling price. Don’t look for cabinets that just fill space with no purpose. Quality cabinetry is always functional. Costs can be controlled by reducing your cabinet count, less, in this case, is more.
    2. Symmetry: By ensuring that your kitchen cabinets are consistently sized, shaped and spaced, it not only looks cleaner and more organized, it gives of the impression of more cabinetry than their may actually be.
    3. Spacious, Bright Space. The kitchen tends to be the central point of the home. Home buyers are looking for space that they can envision entertaining in, and a bright, spacious area around the cabinets meets this need. Paint your cabinetry white or a neutral color to allow them to become a blank canvas for your potential home buyers.
    4. Open Design: Like we noted previously, home buyers want to be able to envision the home you’re selling as their own, filled with friends and family. An open kitchen, including a center island or spacious counters, leaves a lot of room for imagination.

If you’re listing your home for sale, be cognizant of the affect that the condition of your kitchen cabinets can have on your chance to sell your home. Check your cabinets against this list to be sure you are offering what home buyers are seeking.