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Want a Way to Increase your Home Listing Price – Inexpensively?

Selling your home can be an exciting time that predicates big changes in your life like a new job, new baby or retirement. You are working with your real estate gent to decide how much you can sell your home for, and what kind of home you seek, so the assessment process on your existing home is a very-early stage step to selling. Your realtor has probably noted to you the importance of updating your home to get the best seling price, and the focal rooms for many potential home buyers are the bathrooms and the kitchen.

With that in mind, as you begin the process for listing your home for sale, take a walk through your space, especially your kitchen and baths and take stock of the condition of your cabinets.

  • Do they look dated? (Think of your grandma’s olive green, metal cabinetry)
  • Do they look banged up or scuffed?
  • Is the color washed out or faded?

Cabinetry is a large part of the decor in your baths and kitchen, and if your cabinets are looking their age or worse, then now is the time to make an investment into your decor to improve not only your chance of selling your home, but of improving your asking price as well.

Cabinet Refinishing to Improve Your Decor

Cabinet refinishing is a process of stripping and repainting your existing cabinets to give them a brand new look, at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Take a look at our before and after kitchen cabinet refinishing videos to get inspired for your space!

Selling a home can be stressful. Take control of the situation by improving your home listing price with a cabinet refinish today!

2017 Cabinet Trends

Spring often inspires people to update their homes; to make those long-awaited changes to enhance your décor or change the look of your space. Cabinets exist in the highest-traffic spaces in your home, the bathrooms, the kitchen, even in some bedrooms, and by updating the colors and finish of your cabinets you can easily enhance the look of your space.white cabinet paint

What most people don’t realize is that worn-looking cabinets can degrade the style of your home. Cabinets often become “background” noise in your space, with the focus for décor upgrades put on wall colors and trim, the fact is that updating your cabinets can be done quickly and affordably. With that in mind, here are a few of the cabinet color trends for 2017. Which one would work in your space?

White Kitchen Cabinets

The look for kitchens in 2017 is clean and sleek. White cabinets allow you endless accent color options, while making your kitchen feel larger and brighter. While white cabinets are a hot trend, it’s true that they can be hard to keep clean. Ensure that the paint used in your cabinet refinishing to white is cleanable and easily maintained.

Gray Cabinets

Gray is 2017’s hot neutral color. Where past history has showcased light wood colors like golden oak, gray offers a new pallet for your cabinets, and ultimately your décor. Variances in the color gray you choose can lighten your space, (light grays) or warm it up (medium or dark grays).

Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking for a rustic or “farmhouse” look, then chalk paint is the option for your cabinet refinish project. The paint finishes with the rubbed look of a used chalk board, adding a unique feeling to your space.

No matter which of the cabinet trends appeal to you, be sure to connect with a local, professional cabinet refinishing expert to get your new look completed.

3 Scary Mistakes to Avoid if You DIY Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen gets a lot of traffic and use on a daily basis and that takes a toll on the condition of your cabinets. Chances are you notice scuff marks, areas with faded paint or scratches or worn spots due to the effects of cleaning products. As the hub of your home, the condition of your kitchen cabinets has a real effect on the interior design paint kitchen cabinetsquality of your home.

If you are considering painting your kitchen cabinets yourself, and to ensure the best results, avoid thee common errors:

Results are Not Guaranteed

You know that painting your kitchen cabinets will make them look better, right? (Why do it if not, right?) While it’s true that your efforts will improve the look of your kitchen cabinets, it’s not a guarantee of a smooth finish. Keep in mind that open-grain, the grooves will show through the paint. You can fill cracks and open grain with putty, but this adds to the time of the project, so have realistic expectations about what your cabinets will look like after you paint.

This is No Weekend Job

This is not a project that happens quickly. There is significant prep time painting time, wait time and cleanup needed to do it right. Painting kitchen cabinets takes at least 5-7 days to complete so be prepared to have your kitchen out of use for that length of time.

You Miss Critical Prep Work

As we noted, there is a lot of prep work that goes into a successful cabinet painting project, including the following steps:

  • You don’t clean the wood. Every painting project requires a clean surface on which to work. Take the time to clean your cabinets with soap and water before you get to work.
  • Keep track. To paint them properly, you’re going to have to remove all your cabinet doors and drawers. Take them off carefully then label your cabinets and drawers by location in your kitchen so when you are finished painting them you know where they need to go back.
  • Sand and Dust. Before you prime your cabinets and drawers, use fine sand paper to even all the painting surfaces and sue a hand-held vacuum to clean off all the dust and debris so when you paint, you have no remnants to be trapped in the paint.

There is a lot to managing a cabinet painting project effectively, and these are just the most common mistakes made by DIYers. If you are unsure about handing your own project, connect with a kitchen cabinet refinishing professional to get the best results for your cabinets.

4 Tips to Renovate Your Kitchen for Resale

Anyone who is considering selling their home knows that the kitchen is a focal point for prospective buyers. Since so much time is spent in the space, the condition of the kitchen and its design are important criteria to the buyers’ interest in buying the home. With that in mind, here are 4 tips to getting your kitchen in resale-shape:

Keep the Style Simple

Your personal taste may include bright colors and complicated patterns, but the best way to use your kitchen to land potential home buyers is to keep the design as simple as possible. Let the lines and open areas of the kitchen shine through so your potential buyers can overlay their own design ideas as they walk the space.

Open the Space

If, as you rethink your design you notice your kitchen seems a little closed up, perhaps you have an unnecessary wall that makes the area seem smaller than it is, now is the time to consider removing the wall or doors that are limiting the open area.

Keep your Updates Economical

If you intend to invest in updates inn your kitchen to make it more palatable for resale, be sure you understand the return on investment for any of your design changes. In other words, keep your updates focused on what could increase your sale potential and possibly your selling price, nothing extraneous.

Add Some Wow!

Add color and pop to your kitchen by refinishing your kitchen cabinets. You will create the effect of brand new cabinets at a fraction of the cost of replacing them, and give your potential home buyers an updated design to be the center-point of their new home.




Cabinets, Closets and Drawers: Oh My!

Think about all the storage space in your home. Cabinets, drawers and closet doors line the edges and spaces in your rooms. They a;; get handled almost daily, and that takes a toll on their finish. With so much of your room covered in the fascia of these storage areas, if they are not updated and maintained, your interior design suffers.closet doors

By refinishing the doors and fronts of all your storage areas, you have the opportunity to not only refresh your interior design, you can use them as a way to change the look of your space. Painting your cabinets or drawers with a pop of color that works as an accent totally changes the feel of your kitchen and baths.

Cabinet doors can be painted in dual tones or colors that offset your walls to add character and change the mood in your rooms.

Here are some great ideas when you refinish your cabinets, drawers and closets:

  • Paint drawers a shade or two darker than your cabinets to add dimension to your kitchen and bath.
  • If your drawers and cabinets have grooves, paint them an accent color to balance your wall color and cabinet color.
  • Refinish cabinets to create a focal point in your kitchen and baths.
  • Be sure the color scheme of your cabinets, drawers and closet doors fit the color palette of the rest of your home. Use a color wheel to stay in the same color families!

Thinking of Selling your Home? Why Your Kitchen and Cabinets are Bigger Factors than you Think

Spring is the season for home selling and buying, and if you’re thinking about selling – you already know there is probably some TLC your home needs to put it on the market. But did you know that the condition of your kitchen is a critical factor in your ability to sell your home at the price you seek?

According to Trulia: “The rooms buyers most closely inspect (and judge) in a house are the kitchen and master bath. These are the interior spaces where the most value can be added during a sale, so they need to look their best. A well-appointed kitchen will dramatically increase the value of your home, so it’s worth spicing up yours to grab buyer attention.”

So, take stock of your kitchen. What condition are the counters in? And how about your kitchen cabinetry? Is the paint color outdated or uninspiring? Are the surfaces run down from use? What about your bottom cabinets? They can take a lot of foot-traffic damage, resulting in nicks and scratches. What you see as normal “wear and tear”, a potential buyer will use to grade your home against another with a better kitchen.

We’ve talked about this topic before:

Home for Sale? Why You Can’t Afford Not to Refinish Your Cabinets.

4 Things Home Buyers Look for in Kitchen Cabinetry

How Does Painting Kitchen Cabinets Increase the Value of your Home

Knowing your kitchen looms so large in your ability to sell your home, getting a free estimate on a cabinet refinish is a no-brainer. And what about those master bathroom cabinets? We can update those for you as well.

Take a look at a real before and after video of a cabinet refinish project we recently completed, or get inspired for new cabinet colors and finishes in our photo gallery.

Happy Home Selling!

Sky’s the Limit When it comes to Kitchen Cabinet Color Options

Spring often is a harbinger of a need to make updates or enhancements to our homes, and that includes our cabinetry. Since it tends to take up so much of the visual real estate in any room, cabinet paint color and design has a big effect on the overall look and feel of your home.

With that in mind, we thought it would be a great idea to give you some tips and answer some of the most common questions we get from our customers regarding paint color, design and cabinets:

  • There are no rules. Yes, we mean it – while there are always new trends to follow and new paint colors to painted cabinets  consider, the fact is, your choices for paint colors and textures kitchen cabinets only limited by your imagination.
    • Tip: Think of the look and feel you’re going for in your home and select a cabinet design that represents it best.
  • Cabinet Refinishing Costs More than Re-facing. Not true. Not only will cabinet refinishing produce a unique and highly durable style for your home, it costs less than 1/3 of cabinet re-facing services.
  • You’re limited to “neutral” colors. We could refer you to the first bullet, but we feel it’s important to dispel another common misconception about cabinet paint colors. They do not have to be neutrals, like white, tan or beige, but can accent neutral walls with pops of color like red, black, yellow or even blue to create a truly unique space.

You cabinetry is a functional part of your household, but that doesn’t mean it can’t pop and add life to your rooms. Invest in a cabinet refinish for your rooms and get the most out of your décor with a splash of color and a little imagination.

3 Awesome Cabinet Trends for 2016

As the hub of your home, your kitchen’s design ties together the feel of your whole space. Design trends for this year have brought some incredible options if you are looking to update your kitchen décor. Read on to see how these trends will brings a new life to your kitchen, and subsequently, your entire home.

Personalized Cabinets 

A kitchen is one of the most-used spaces in any home, and every family has their own rhythms and patterns as to how they use that space. The trend of cabinet personalization is a natural extension of making the kitchen as highly-functional as possible while adding a personal design that stems from your unique décor style.

Custom cabinet options are available wherever you can buy them, adding options that fit how you use and move around your space.

Tip: A professional cabinet refinisher can offer up truly unique colors and design patterns to your custom cabinetry to take your kitchen to the next level.

Clean and Subtle Lines cabinet refinishing

To keep your kitchen cabinets viable for years to come, cabinets with clean and subtle lines and few ornate accents keep the design timeless and easier to maintain.

It’s easy to enhance straight lines with accents like custom handles and well-designed backsplashes. In fact, cabinets with straight edges only allow for more detailed customization around the rest of the room.

Neutral Colors kitchen cabinet refinishing

As we’ve noted, the kitchen is the hub of your home and the rest of your interior décor often stems from its space. As any interior decorator will tell you, its important that you have symmetry and consistency in colors and style throughout all the rooms in your home. Therefore, keeping the colors of your kitchen cabinets within a neutral palette like white, greys or natural colors allows you to change your interior décor as often as you like, while keeping your kitchen cabinets as they are.

Invest in your kitchen cabinets with any of the option above and bring your home into the hottest 2016 design trends.

Hot New Kitchen Update Options

Home décor trends change every year as new products, paint colors and accessories are discovered, and the kitchen kitchen cabinets is no different. There are always new trends for kitchens, new options for kitchen cabinets and new products to implement to make your kitchen the best it can be. Read on for some of the hottest kitchen trends for this year, according to Better Homes and Gardens:

Gray is the New White

The color of your cabinets ties together the kitchen space, and white cabinets are a time-tried go-to choice. However, the newest trend for color is to add a hint of color to that white base, resulting in shades of gray for your kitchen cabinets.

Tip: Take it to the next level and combine several shades of gray for deeper color play.

Bold Fixtures

The hardware and fixtures in your kitchen are much more than functional. Put some thought into selecting your sink fixtures, lights and cabinet hardware to enhance your paint choice and create a truly unique kitchen space.

Automate your Kitchen

Today’s technology allows for some really great bells and whistles in the kitchen. Sensor-activated lights and no-touch faucets are great additions to kick up the design of your space, while making cleanup easier for you.

The one over-scoping trend for kitchens these days is that they are now considered a “designable room” in your home. Gone are the days of the kitchen being a functional space. Be sure your personal home décor style flows into this space. This strategy will help you choose the elements that best suit it when it comes time to upgrade.

Looking for an Interior Design Change this New Year? Look No Further than your Cabinets.

This time of year, in the aftermath of the holidays hectic timelines, and when weather keeps you indoors more often than not, focus turns to the condition of your home and your décor, updates you want to make, changes you’ve been putting off “until later” or even new inspirations based on things you saw recently in other locations or people’s homes. When you are looking to effect the most change to your décor, the best place to start is your cabinets.

Look at the images below:

paint kitchen cabinets

Notice how drastically different the walnut finish on the left is from the original oak.

Your cabinets can change the look and feel of any room or your home as a whole with a new refinish. That said, while ypu’re repainting your kitchen cabinets, think about how your walls can be painted to enhance them or create a focal point.

Here are a few tips to get your interior design plans off the ground.

Five Key Criteria to Look for in your Painting Contractor

Interior Design Tip: Use Existing Paint to select your New Cabinet Paint Color

DIY Home Paint Tips: How to Select a Wall Color

The ultimate key is to ensure that you hire the right painting professional to do your project. Trust is key. Our work guidelines are:

paint cabinets


Cabinets as Part of your Interior Design

There are a lot of ways that cabinets center and ground your home’s interior design. Often overlooked in the creative stages of your home’s décor, cabinets live in just about every room and provide functional storage space that your home can’t do without. However, they are more than just places to hold your stuff. They also offer a large portion of the front-facing real estate in your home. With the right design direction, they can also be the anchor to your home’s unique style.

As far as we’re concerned, Your Interior Design Hinges on your Cabinet Colors, but there are more subtle ways you can include your cabinets in your next design upgrade.

You can start reworking your interior design room by room:

4 Simple Bathroom Updates to Enhance your Decor

Is your Kitchen Ready for Holiday Entertaining?

Or perhaps you are looking to sell your home in the near future and want to up your resale value?

Home for Sale? Why You Can’t Afford Not to Refinish Your Cabinets.

4 Things Home Buyers Look for in Kitchen Cabinetry

How Does Painting Kitchen Cabinets Increase the Value of your Home

Maybe you aren’t sure where to start with your interior design or cabinet upgrades? Following the latest trends is a great place to start.

The Un-Trends of 2014 Interior Design

Two Hot Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends

The fact is, your cabinets are much more than storage space and can be the focal point of your new interior design goals. Work with a professional skilled in cabinet refinishing to get the custom look and durability you want for your space.

Is your Kitchen Ready for Holiday Entertaining?

It’s that time of year again – when families and friends gather to celebrate the holiday season. Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and that means your kitchen is going to get a workout before holiday entertaining the guests arrive.  This meal-oriented holiday can make quite a mess and leave your kitchen looking like a small bomb exploded if not handled carefully. The following tips will help you keep your kitchen clean(er) while you prepare your Thanksgiving feast, with a few long-term ideas to offer a fantastic setting for your holiday entertaining.

  • Use a Trash Bowl: A large plastic mixing bowl works well for this effort. Keep it handy as you slice, chop, unpack and prep all of your menu items. Dump the organics into your compost pile and the packaging into the recycling in shifts as you go along.
  • Have a cleaning solution close by.
  • Tin foil bottoms of cabinets.
  • Cook in stages. If you have an early supper time, or simply want to streamline the process so you have less to do on Thanksgiving day, then cook in batches. Many appetizers and sides can be made in advance and frozen or refrigerated until the big day. Reduce the amount of prep and cooking to be done by handling a few items in advance

With Thanksgiving under control, the focus turns to the setting for your holiday entertaining. Your home is your haven, and we know you are excited about showcasing it to your friends and family over the next 6 weeks. Have you ever considered the effect that newly refinished kitchen cabinets can have on your décor?

As the focal point of your kitchen and bathrooms, as well as other rooms where you have visible storage, cabinets can easily be refinished to accent or completely change your existing décor, at a fraction of the cost of cabinet replacement. And refinishing offers a completely customized and durable solution to really make your entertaining space pop.

Give your guests reason to say “wow” this holiday with your streamlined kitchen skills and awesome cabinet décor. Your home will be the talk of their holiday season.

Your Interior Design Hinges on your Cabinet Colors

How often have you walked into someone’s home and noticed the interior design seems to flow from the kitchen? Or noticed how “put together” the bathroom is? Chances are, each of those rooms had stunning cabinet colors that were designed to create the exact feeling your experienced.

Cabinets take up a significant space in both bathrooms and kitchens, and can be the central point for your interior design in each of those rooms, a design that flows out into the rest of the home and creates a truly unique space.

No Limit to Design Options when your Refinish Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets and those in your bathroom come with “factory” colors when you buy them. Either the one you selected when you put them in or those that adorned them when you bought your home. Either way, they’re standard colors like golden oak or white, and they are perfectly serviceable.

When you refinish cabinets, your color palette options are limited only by your personal style interests and your imagination.   Consider the three different color and texture options below. Which one appeals to you the most?

cabinet colors

Recreate your Interior Design

From rich reds, to low-gloss black and washed-white, these are just a few of the options that can be part of your home’s new interior design.

When you hire a professional cabinet professional to refinish your cabinets, the sky’s the limit for how you want to recreate your interior design.  Using elements of your existing design, like trim colors or backsplash style, or even wall color to balance or contrast your cabinet color against are just a few of the drivers for how you could paint cabinets. Then you can look to textures and specific finish types to take your chosen color to the next level.

Get started today with a new cabinet color and texture to ramp up your interior design and create a truly unique space in your home.

Home for Sale? Why You Can’t Afford Not to Refinish Your Cabinets.

If you are considering listing your home for sale, you are probably in the process of assessing the assets and liabilities that your house has to offer a potential home buyer: location, size, style, number of bedrooms and baths are all high-level buyer-sought criteria. An alignment of these details gets them to the open house or walk though of your property. What about the nitty gritty? What makes one home (yours) stand out from the others for sale in your neighborhood?

As any real estate agent will confirm, two of the most popular focal points for a prospective home buyer are the kitchen and bathrooms of a home they are considering. If the cabinets in either of these rooms are in poor condition, the potential of a sale on your home decreases. The same goes if your rooms look out of date due to old-fashioned cabinet colors. No one wants a “1980’s” kitchen or one that smacks of the grandma’s house. Cabinet refinishing is the most cost-effective process to update your cabinets and give them a brand new look to make the bets impression with potential home buyers.

cabinet refinishing

Here’s why:

4 Things Home Buyers Look for in Kitchen Cabinetry

2 Often-Overlooked Painting Services that Increase Home Value

How Does Painting Kitchen Cabinets Increase the Value of your Home

Take a look at our expansive gallery of cabinet refinishing photos and when its time to consider selling your home, give us a call for a free estimate to ensure your home has what it takes to sell as quickly as possible.


Outdoor Fall Home Updates before the Holidays Sneak Up on You

Ok, so it’s only the second week of September, why are we even mentioning the holiday season? Think about it. Every year it goes the same way. Labor Day barbecues, back to school, football fall exterior home updatesand soccer seasons begin then all heck breaks loose. All of a sudden, the increased schedule that includes homework for the kids, renewed meeting schedules for charity organizations on top of your already-jammed day-to-day life puts you on a quick downhill slide to Halloween. Blink and it’s Thanksgiving and turn your head once, and you’re packing up the decorations in January.

You know it happens.

Be prepared this year and take the time to give your home a once-over and handle these updates so you’re ahead of the crushing holiday schedule as well as the impending changes in the weather.

Outdoor Fall Home Prep

Weather does not take it easy on the exterior of your home. It belts it with heat waves, droughts, freezing cold, rain, debris and contact damage from playing kids or your husband practicing his golf swing. Take the early weeks of summer while it’s still warn-ish outside and walk the perimeter if your house and look for potential damage that needs repair:

  • Check for peeling paint. Remember all that weather and contact damage we noted in the last paragraph? Nothing takes the hits harder than your siding paint. Check for peels, fading or areas that are missing paint. Paint protects the siding from eroding, so its’ necessary to give it a touch up as needed.
  • Clean Gutters. Once your leaves are all down, flush your gutters and downspouts with water to remove all the gunk that’s been trapped there. Clogged gutters increase chances of ice hanging from your house as well as damage to your roof from overspill when rainwater can’t drain. Saving the cost of a roof repair is well worth the effort to keep them clean.
  • Caulk Windows. Even homes with new windows can have draft issues – from house settlements to loose windows due to damage. Test your windows from the inside with a blow dryer to see if any air is slipping through the cracks then caulk where necessary.

The exterior of your home is like the ozone layer to your little planet inside. It protects and regulates your environment. Give it the TLC it needs so you can feel safe, warm and dry all fall and winter long.

Interior Design Tip: Use Existing Paint to select your New Cabinet Paint Color

When you make the decision to refinish your cabinets, you have taken the first step to new interior design. As a functional but focal point to just about every room, the color you select for your cabinets can set the tone, or drive, the interior design for the rest of the room and your home.  There is one rule of thumb that anyone considering cabinet refinishing needs to follow. Its helps to simplify the cabinet color selection process and ensure that your décor cabinet refinishshows YOUR true colors. (Which is the whole point, right?)

Don’t Worry about Pre-Existing Accent Colors

It’s that simple. Too often, I have conversations with clients and they’re concerned that that small strip of blue paint above their backsplash needs to drive the color of their cabinets. Or some aspect of a pattern in their tile, counters or floors.

The reality is that the cabinets are going to draw the most attention once they’re refinished to a deep mahogany, rich black or antique white finish. Go with the cabinet paint color that makes you go “wow”, and once you have chosen it, maybe consider how those pre-existing accent colors will interplay.

Chances are, they will work just fine and even add a little contrast to the space. Your cabinet refinish pro will be able to walk you through any potential color conflicts, but more than likely, they will fall back to the exquisite color and new look of your cabinets.

Five Key Criteria to Look for in your Painting Contractor

Your home is your sanctuary, where you go to relax, to spend time with family and friends and to live your life. The décor of this environment sets the mood and becomes the backdrop for your everyday experiences.  As such, the painting contractor you hire to manage your interior design projects is the Michelangelo to your Sistine Chapel. Be sure to check these criteria before starting any paint project:

  • Experience. How long have they been in business and have they got samples or pictures of projects like yours in their portfolio?painting contractor
  • Employees or subcontractors? You signed a contract with your painter for your job – he did his due diligence to sell himself and his skillset to you. Will he be doing the work himself? Has his staff been trained in his techniques? Or will he farm the job out to a subcontractor?
  • Insurance. NJ business guidelines require all painting contractors to carry liability insurance to cover potential damage to any job site (a/k/a your home). Before you sign any painting contract, ask for a copy of your contractor’s insurance certificate.
  • Prep Work, Products and Clean Up. The reason you hire a professional is to ensure the work is prepped and done properly, to take away the risk of damage or decrease the resulting mess. What prep work will your painting contractor do? Hoe many coats of paint? What products will they use and why? Do they do 100% clean up and rearrangement of the space post work?
  • References. The best salesman can sell ice to snowman, right? Just because your painter says they’re the man (or woman) for the job, getting recon from past customers is necessary. Get 2-3 references from your contractor, whether you know the people referring them or not, is a great way to ensure he walks his talk and will provide the level of service you require.

4 Super Hot Kitchen Trends for 2015

It’s the hub of the house; a regular gathering place several times a day. The place where meals are prepared, sometimes eaten and memories made. The kitchen is an important part of your home, and as such, it deserves the utmost attention to style and design. There are 5 really hot trends hitting kitchens this year, most of them easy on the wallet and timely as well.

Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Wooden kitchen cabinets are all the rage these days. Oak is a clear-cut winner, and this solid wood can be stained any color under the sun to add character-layered durability to your kitchen. Because of the high-grain pattern in most oak wood, it is recommended that a kitchen cabinet professional handle staining or painting your cabinets for the best results.

White Kitchen Cabinetswhite kitchen cabinets

Another hot trend for kitchens this year is white cabinets and appliances, which allow the wall color and other design elements to take center stage over the more functional aspects of your kitchen.

Colorful Sinks

Stainless steel sinks are easy to clean and highly functional, however, they leave a lot to be desired when it comes to kitchen décor. Colorful sinks are all the rage these days, adding bronze, copper or even colored ceramic that matches your home design.

Warm Metal Fixtures

Also moving away from the function of stainless are sink fixtures. Warm coppers, oil-rubbed or antique bronze are replacing the standard silver for faucets, and sink accessories.

Ready to heat up your kitchen décor? Contact us today!

Three Easy Painting Projects to Spruce Up Your Home

If you are looking to sell your home or simply want to add a little life to it, paint offers a reasonable and easy to manage option. For most DIYers, the hardest part of a painting project is deciding what colors to pick, and how to get them to compliment the surroundings to add to the décor, not take away from it.

Using a color wheel is a great way to select your ideal colors, while staying the same color palette to ensure balanced color options. Proximity of colors in the wheel show related colors, those on the opposite side are complementary.

So, how can you use paint to add new life to your home?


Your walls, windows and doors are lined with trim. It takes some hits, literally from traffic, and also from wear and tear due to cleaning. When it’s dull or chipped, it can really take away from the overall look of your home.

Use a high-durability paint for your trim, and be sure to blue-tape your walls and put a tarp down to keep paint drips off your floors.

Front Door

Nothing says “hello” like a bright, inviting front door. The biggest question you have to ask yourself is do you want your paint to pop or subtly accent your home’s exterior?

The trends this year is for bright, exciting front door colors. Assess your exterior, the tone of your interior décor and pick what feels right to you.

paint home front door


Acting as the accents to your windows, shutters have the ability to set a color tone for your house. Balance the paint color you choose for them against your siding and front door color to add a completely unique style to the outside of your home.

It’s all about the Edges: How Trim Updates Redefine your Space

Your home is a combination of colors and textures, from the walls, to rugs to the furniture and wall décor. The one consistent element trim for cabinets throughout is the trim that follows the angles of each of your rooms. Trim is not only an accent to your rooms, it’s also the design element that creates a feeling of consistency, and can add design simply by its color and its style and application. Here are a few ways that trim can kick up the design quality of any of your rooms:

  • Trim along Walls:  Make the edges of your rooms stand out by painting your trim bright white to match your ceilings. It will make your wall color pop and define your space wonderfully. Take it to the next level by increasing the height and design of your trim to make it stand our more.
  • Trim along Cabinets: A trend that gained popularity last year, adding decorative trim along kitchen cabinets not only allows your space to be customized to whatever design style you refer, it adds more surface space to your cabinets making them appear larger. Take it up a notch by adding a custom paint color with a refinish.


Spring Spruce Up for your Cabinets

It’s that time of year again, time for spring cleaning, home updates and refreshes to shake of the monotonous grey of winter. One aspect of the home that is often disregarded in this flurry of updates are the cabinets. In laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and offices, they get daily wear and tear from ongoing use and tend to show their age earlier than a lot of other household surfaces.

Cabinet refinishing is a reliable and durable process to update the cabinets throughout your home. A professional painter can take your existing cabinets, add some layers of paint and gloss and create a completely new look for their respective rooms.

A professional painter is the best choice for your cabinet refinish project. Some of the important things to remember when hiring a painter are that they should be:

Licensed and Insured

In the state of New Jersey, a professional painter must hold both a license and liability insurance to protect your property when they are on the job.


When hiring a professional to repaint your kitchen cabinets, keep in mind that even a small project can take a week or so to complete, and some of the work takes place in shop, where the cabinet doors need to be sprayed and dried. During that time your kitchen cabinets will be out of commission. Now imagine your contractor has to drive 50 miles back and forth from your home to his shop. Imagine the time added to the completion of your project. Hire a local painter, one who is an expert at professional cabinet painting, so if you need a touch up when the job is done, you can get it done quickly.

Experienced at Professional Cabinet Painting

While there are many great painters in the area, professional cabinet painting is a skill unto itself. It requires a professional with an eye to be able to look at your existing décor and offer options of the best colors to paint kitchen cabinets, as well as proven experience in the industry, based on a physical or online portfolio of professional cabinet painting pictures.  A reliable kitchen cabinet professional will also bring physical samples of painted kitchen cabinets for you to touch, to feel the texture, finish and see the durability that a professional cabinet refinish lends to your cabinets.

Once you sign on the dotted line, your contractor should be able to give personal samples of potential colors to paint kitchen cabinets in your home to select from, and the work should be guaranteed.

4 Simple Bathroom Updates to Enhance your Decor

This time of year, the longer days keep us indoors a little more. That means we’re paying a little more attention to the condition of our home. The bathroom gets a lot of traffic each day, so it can take the hit of more inside time faster than a lot of other rooms in your home.

Keep the following 4 updates in mind when the time comes to update your décor in your bathroom.

Paint your Bathroom Walls

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you could have a completely new look in less than a day with a fresh coat of paint. Select a paint color that offers the atmosphere you want in your bathroom, whether it’s serene like sage green, or upbeat like lemon yellow. Be sure to accent your new wall color with accessories like towels and rugs to create a unique space you can call your own.

Replace Outdated Lightingbathroom decor

Lighting can be a real mood changer, even in a bathroom. If your house was built with strip bulbs like you see in the image to the right, consider custom bulbs in softer floors light off white or even something like red that makes the space pop.

Paint your Bathroom Cabinets

Do you bathroom cabinets look like they could use an update? Daily use, toothpaste spills and step stools banging into cabinet doors can cause scratches or paint discoloration over time. Employ a professional to refinish your bathroom cabinets with a few coats of custom paint and glaze to take cabinets that look like this:  bathroom cabinets

To this:
bathroom cabinets

Replace Hardware

With the humidity that happens daily in a bathroom, the metal hardware tends to turn rusted or change colors after a while. This can give your bathroom a dated look, even if your house is newer. Replace your bathroom cabinet hardware to a more contemporary look, focusing on trends like antique bronze or brushed silver for an easy-to-do and inexpensive bathroom update.

3 Fantastic Kitchen Décor Trends for 2015

New year, new designs! As you spend a little more time indoors while Mother Nature rages outside, chances are you have more time than usual to take stock of the décor in your home. As the hub of the home where you likely spend a good portion of your time, the kitchen also gets the lion’s share of wear and tear. Following are some fabulous kitchen décor trends that are going to be hot for the year to come, check them out:

Homey, Furniture-Styleskitchen cabinets decor

Interior designer Greg Natale sees furniture-style cabinetry becoming hot for kitchens this year. Firming the belief that the kitchen is the center of the home universe, this kitchen cabinet style adds character and hominess to the functional room that is the kitchen.

“The incredible designs available celebrate the different elements of the kitchen as pieces of beautiful furniture, not just workstations, which allows people to bring their own personal, warm, welcoming touch to this space,” he says.

A great way to add this décor style to your kitchen is with an island. This versatile counter space can be designed to contrast or compliment your existing cabinetry and adds extra space where your family and friends can gather to boot.

Blending Modern and Traditional Style

Blending sleek, modern elements around your kitchen to create a truly unique space.  Modern elements like glass backsplashes and chrome handles are being paired with brushed nickel fittings or detailed cabinetry.

“This trend is affecting everything from cabinet design to colors, materials to textures. We are really mixing it up,” she kitchen designer Kesha Pillay. “Flat-panel cabinet doors are being replaced with classic door profiles, such as Shaker doors,” for example. And materials are being mixed, such as stainless steel with wood, and wood with marble.

Luxurious Metallics

Moving beyond the standard chrome or stainless steel, 2015 will bring warm metallic fixtures to your kitchen cabinets like bronze, copper or gold.

“Metallics in all their forms were prominent at [Paris design fair Maison & Objet], from copper to bronze to gorgeous gold, and I’m a fan,” says Vaughn, “The texture and gleaming finish of metallics provide a stunning accent to most palette choices.”

Add this kitchen cabinet décor item to your kitchen by adding gold or copper faucets to your sink areas. It’s a little decadence that will go a long way.



Three Easy Holiday Home Painting Projects

In the midst of this holiday season, chances are you have noticed that there are areas of your home that could use a little sprucing up before company comes to celebrate. There are three quick paint touch ups you can DIY to make your house shine like your holiday lights:

Kid Room Upgrade

Kids walls take a beating all year round, and this means they can look worse for wear when it’s time for company. A fresh home painting coat of paint on the walls can make the room look brand new. No matter how rough your kids are on their rooms.

Get kids help in the prep work, too! They can help you tape around the trim and windows and lay tarps on the floors and covering the furniture. If they’re old enough to be interested, you can let them pick out, or help choose, the paint color you want to use on the walls.

Brighten Up Your Entryway

Your foyer is the first thing your guests see of your home. With the new paint trends of deep colors like plum or gold, you can create a one of a kind experience by repainting your entryway with rich, breathtaking color.

Be sure to add good lighting to set off the darker color and ensure your company can see the path forward when they enter your home. Consider an antique standing lamp or even hanging lights to jazz up the space.

While you’re looking at the entryway, consider adding a fresh coat of paint to the front door that is complimentary to the hall paint color.

Revive your Kitchen

As the natural gathering space in most homes, your kitchen needs to invite guests to stay and relax. If your walls don’t need any painting love, consider adding a new color or finish to your kitchen cabinets. Cabinet refinishing costs 1/3 the price of cabinet refacing and 1/5th the cost of cabinet replacement, it is the most economical choice to make your kitchen look brand new.

So, enjoy this holiday season and if your home needs a little painting attention, focus on these areas to add the most pop in the least amount of time.

How to Spice up your Home with Fall Paint Colors

Often referred to as earth tones, fall colors have gotten a bit of a bland rap when it comes to home décor. Oranges, browns, off-whites, greens, tend to be used as backdrops to rooms other than the focal points. This really needs to change.

Fall paint colors offer home owners the ability to add hints of spice like cinnamon and sage to the walls and accent areas in Harris-4-600x800their home. These colors are warm and inviting and let even the most neutral space shine.

Using Fall Paint Colors to Warm Up Your New Home

When people first move into a new home, they are often faced with what is called construction-grade paint on the walls. This means flat paint, both in color and sheen. For a décor choice, it leaves a lot to be desired. Instantly add color and life to your walls by accenting construction grade painting in your home with fall paint colors.

Keep in mind that new walls settle which causes cracks and can ruin paint work, so be selective about where you add your colors. Choose accent walls, window boxes or even recessed walls to add greens, plums, oranges or reds and add some great personality to your new rooms.

One place you can add color to your rooms without risk of wall settlement damage is your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets can be refinished to offer deep reds, walnut brown, periwinkle blue, rust orange or any other fall color that will spice up your kitchen. A cabinet refinish will also offer a custom look that will last for years, increasing the value of your home

Add Life to Older Rooms

If your home is older, then chances are the paint colors are either faded or need a little updating.  Imagine adding a nice deep red to brighten up your rooms or a soft sage to a fireplace or wall anywhere in your home.

Older bathrooms tend to be smaller, so imagine painting the walls with a sunflower yellow. It will add color and character to any sized space.

The fact is, fall paint colors add something unique to your space. Let Mother Nature’s colors come into your home and spice up your rooms and walls.

DIY Home Paint Tips: How to Select a Wall Color

It can be a little overwhelming choosing a paint color for all the walls in your home. Looking at swatches and color wheels can leave your head spinning. There are a few tricks of the trade that you can use to simplify the paint color selection process, whether your plan to DIY the project or have a professional painter do it for you.

Understanding the Color Wheel

While looking at what seems to be every color under the rainbow in one space can be a little hard on the eyes, there is a paint color wheel way to turn the paint color wheel into a tool that serves your purpose of creating a beautiful flow of color through your home.

  • On one side of the color wheel are cooler colors, blue-based hues; on the other side are warm, yellow-based paint colors.
  • When looking at the paint colors on the wheel, those that sit directly opposite each other are complementary colors. They can be of different hues, but the contrast they provide will create a lively space.
  • Any paint colors on the wheel that are next to one another are related. If you want a color scheme for your home, you can use a base of related colors and add some flair with complementary colors from the opposite sides of the wheel.

Rooms with Little Natural Light

Depending how your home is laid out, chances are you have a room or two with little to no natural light. This often happens with powder rooms and pass-thru sitting rooms. If you have rooms in your home that haven’t any windows or only small ones, you need to be considerate of the lack of natural light when selecting a paint color. There are a few tips that can help:

  • Size Matters: If the room is small, like a powder room, then a lighter paint color would most likely work best, so the space doesn’t seem smaller than it actually is. A light color paint will increase the perceived space.
  • Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark: If the space isn’t too confining, you can always go with a darker, richer color to add character to the space. If you do this, it is recommended that you accessorize with brighter pieces to set off the dark walls.

Testing Paint Colors, the Right Way

When you go shopping at a paint or home improvement store, you probably will come home with piles of those little square swatches of colors. The actual block is maybe 2 inches square, and you’re supposed to be able to hold it up to the walls in your home to assess if the color will work on your entire room. There’s a better way.

We recommend that you buy a quart of the paint colors that really interest you, and paint a 2 x 3 foot section of your walls to get a solid perspective of how they will look. While this practice can cost a few dollars up front, it can save you the cost of buying gallons of paint that looks awful once you paint it on your wall.

Paint colors don’t have to be hard to choose. The tips above can help you add color to your walls, ceilings, trim, cabinets and accessories to create a truly unique style for your home.



4 Things Home Buyers Look for in Kitchen Cabinetry

Believe it or not, kitchen cabinets can make or break your chance to sell your home. Home buyers put high points on the kitchen and baths, knowing how much time is spent in them each day, so managing the condition of your cabinets before you list your home for sale increases your chance of selling your house. But what are home buyers using as their scale to grade kitchen cabinets? Focusing on these four factors will get you an A+ on your cabinets.

    1. Quality: The quality of your kitchen cabinets is crucial. Be sure to focus on details like the hinges and runners, and if its budget-friendly, custom made cabinetry can add value to your home’s asking selling price. Don’t look for cabinets that just fill space with no purpose. Quality cabinetry is always functional. Costs can be controlled by reducing your cabinet count, less, in this case, is more.
    2. Symmetry: By ensuring that your kitchen cabinets are consistently sized, shaped and spaced, it not only looks cleaner and more organized, it gives of the impression of more cabinetry than their may actually be.
    3. Spacious, Bright Space. The kitchen tends to be the central point of the home. Home buyers are looking for space that they can envision entertaining in, and a bright, spacious area around the cabinets meets this need. Paint your cabinetry white or a neutral color to allow them to become a blank canvas for your potential home buyers.
    4. Open Design: Like we noted previously, home buyers want to be able to envision the home you’re selling as their own, filled with friends and family. An open kitchen, including a center island or spacious counters, leaves a lot of room for imagination.

If you’re listing your home for sale, be cognizant of the affect that the condition of your kitchen cabinets can have on your chance to sell your home. Check your cabinets against this list to be sure you are offering what home buyers are seeking.

The Un-Trends of 2014 Interior Design

There are tons of articles to be found online about interior design trends for your home, from paint colors to décor details like trim and cabinets. However, it has been my recent experience that the hottest interior design trend for 2014 is the Un-Trend. Think of it like the “Un-Birthday” in Alice in Wonderland. Instead of one birthday per person, the Mad Hatter and his crew were celebrating the 364 Un-Birthdays a person has each year. So, in lieu of one applicable trend for each aspect of home décor, I believe there are hundreds of options that apply to any home.

To better understand what interior design un-trend applies to your home, it’s best to begin at the beginning, by asking a simple question.

Why are you looking to change your décor in the first place?

The answer to this question will differ for just about everybody. Maybe you’re looking to sell your home, so you need an update to get the best asking price from potential buyers. Maybe you want paint trim interior designto enhance your décor to wow your friends and family or maybe you want to increase the value of your home. Each of these reasons are the drivers behind which interior design un-trend could apply to your home.

Selling Your Home?
If you are looking to put your home on the market for sale, then chances are you need to update some aspects to make it more appealing to potential buyers. You’ve also probably been advised to stick to current styles and neutrals for color. With that in mind, the following “un-trends” apply:

  • Off-white or beige walls in easier-clean satin finishes.
  • New trim, stained or painted bright white to show of the lines of your rooms.
  • Updated cabinetry, at the very least cabinet hardware. (Prospective home buyers pay A LOT of attention to bathrooms and kitchens and cabinets are a large part of those spaces.)


Décor Needs an Update
Have you been looking around your home and just feel that it’s time for a décor update? The sky is the limit for your un-trend options! The key to answering to this un-trend is that there is no ONE way to create your unique space. It’s about your style, room space and needs.

  • Rich colors for walls, entryways or even floors are happening in homes everywhere. Think mahogany wood floors, plum paint for walls with a gold accent wall or custom finishes.
  • Update trim with wider and more decorative versions available today. Don’t forget to add trim accents to your cabinets!


Increase Home Value
Updating the design and décor in your home can add value, whether you’re a potential home seller or just want to increase the overall worth. If you are looking to add some cha-ching to your home’s worth, consider the following options:

  • Update all cabinetry and trim. Cabinets are a focus for potential buyers and brand new trim makes a room look more “put-together”, thus worth more money.
  • Refinish cabinets to add a new, durable and beautiful design and increase overall value.
  • Fix walls with new sheet rock and a fresh coat of paint in rooms where the walls have taken a beating. (Think kids rooms, for example.)
  • Update your floors, with new tiles or wood, or brand new rugs around the entire place.

When you find the un-trend that works for your interior design need, get to work creating that truly unique space you seek.


Two Hot Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends

Interior design trends don’t stop at walls and accessories, kitchen cabinets offer another level of design opportunity for homeowners looking to create a truly unique living space. Think about all the time you spend in your kitchen, and it becomes clear how amazing design for your kitchen cabinets will enhance your home.

Accessorize to Enhance

One of the hottest trends for kitchen cabinets is adding embellishments and accessory pieces to them. Along with a rich color of paint, enhance the interior design of your cabinets by adding crown molding at their tops, or even at the bottom of upper cabinets to create curves and lines to draw attention.

Add balusters and corbels on islands with base trim and other types of decorative molding, like fluted designs. These additions turn the standard rectangle shape of an island to a decorative furniture piece in your kitchen.

Extreme Colors for Kitchen Cabinetskitchen cabinets

Many homes are built with kitchen cabinets with paint colors like white, or stain like golden oak, to offer as neutral a color as possible to discerning homebuyers. The purpose of using more neutral tones is that it offers the new homeowner more color options for walls and accessories. However, the second trend for kitchen cabinets is all but neutral.

Rich paint and stain colors create an incredible effect when applied properly. The current trend for kitchen cabinet colors runs the gamut from deep espresso to rich, mahogany and cherry finishes. Combining colors for kitchen cabinets, like black and white, create a multi-dimensional look and create an effect that seems to expand the size of your kitchen.

Combining these two trends, rich-color paint on cabinets and embellishments like molding or corbels allow you to create a unique design in your kitchen. Warm up the busiest room in your home with one or both of these kitchen cabinet trends and make your home the interior design trend-setter in your neighborhood.

2 Often-Overlooked Painting Services that Increase Home Value

Are you thinking of selling your home? With spring finally sprung, chances are if you have been considering it, you are taking action to put your home on the market during what is without a doubt the busiest real estate sales time of the year. Before you call a realtor, take care to get your home into selling-condition with these easily-overlooked painting services that can easily increase the listing price of your home:

Where Do You Spend the Most Time in Your Home?

The kitchen is often the hub of the home, where meals, day-to-day activities like homework or bills, and general gathering happen. It’s no surprise that the condition and look of your kitchen can have a huge effect on your ability to sell your home. Before you call the realtor, take a step back and look at your kitchen as if you didn’t see it every day – like you have never been there before.

What do you see? 

cabinet refinish before

cabinet refinish afterAre the cabinets updated, and do they look well-maintained? Do the colors in the room feel warm and inviting? Are the hinges on your cabinets and doors matched and in good condition? Each of these criteria will draw attention of potential home buyers who do an open-house walk through your space, s they need to be on your radar before you list your home

Cabinet refinishing is an economical and effective way to update your cabinets, islands and doors to give your kitchen a cohesive and updated look. Priced at 10% the cost of replacing your kitchen cabinets,  the process to refinish kitchen cabinets can be managed in as little as a week or two, and increase the beauty and durability of your kitchen.

A rule of thumb when applying a cabinet refinish before listing your home:

If you already have oak cabs or cabinets of similar color, go light or white color. It gives the kitchen a bright clean modern look. The only time I would recommend dark cabinets like black or java is if you have a very light floor and light counter tops. You want contrast and balance in your kitchen. You don’t want it to be oppressive-feeling because it’s overly dark or washed out because it’s overly light.

 Focus on Walls and Ceilings, But Don’t Marry to Them

If your cabinets are in good shape and don’t need an update, take a look at the condition and color of your walls to enhance your current look. If the cabinets are already dark like walnut or mahogany, definitely brighten up the kitchen with white or cream color paint.

If the cabinets are already light, maybe a fresh coat of paint just to clean them up, balanced by a brighter color on the walls, like yellow or light green.  That lighter brighter color rings true for the rest of the house as well. Stick with a similar color palate throughout the house to create a sense of fluidity.

Be conscious not to fall in love with the color fan deck and try to pick a different color for every room, just keep it simple. The perspective homeowner just wants to see neutral colors and picture their own space after they move in. Remember, the point of this exercise is to ready your home to sell, not to reinvent your space.

Invest into these painting services for your home and then call your local realtor. The time and effort will prove worthwhile when your home sells faster than it would have without the updates.

D.I.Y. Tips: The #1 Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Misconception


You know the décor you want in your home and that includes the look and design you imagine for your kitchen cabinets. As one of the focal rooms in your home, your kitchen makes a large statement in the overall feeling of your interior design. Also as a focal area in your home, your kitchen cabinets get a lot of use and attention. With each wipe of polish or disinfectant, each open and close and each scrubbing after a particularly vigorous cooking session (think a nice Italian dinner with tomato sauce at its core), your kitchen cabinets begin to show their age and use.

When you start looking at the condition of your cabinets, and “D.I.Y.” starts to enter the discussion keep the following points in mind and avoid an expensive and laborious effort to paint your cabinets yourself.

There Really is a “Can’t”

We all remember hearing it when we were growing up. “There is no can’t. Just try harder.” In the case of cabinet refinishing, from the perspective of a homeowner looking to revitalize their kitchen cabinets to their original look, or better yet, into a new interior design focal point in your home, “can’t” absolutely exists.

                                                                                cabinet refinishing   cabinet refinishing

Now, before I go on, I want to state that there is no intention to be argumentative, but having seen the effects of hundreds of failed D.I.Y. cabinet refinishing attempts, I find it crucial to make it very clear.

Despite the impression that they can take on a cabinet refinish project themselves, the average homeowner cannot manage this project on their own and achieve the desired result. Why? To get a professional cabinet refinish on your cabinets, you’ll need:

  • You would need thousands of dollars in professional spray equipment.
  • Hundreds of dollars in drying racks, power sanders and finishing equipment.
  • Space to do the spray work and allow the layers of paint and glaze.

It is impossible for cabinet refinishing to be done and achieve a professional result without these elements. Yes, I said impossible.

Chances are, you’re still going to be tempted to try to refinish your cabinets on your own, or at least Google potential instructions. My advice would be to call a professional who focuses on this kind of work regularly. A qualified professional cabinet painter is well adapted answering all  your questions  confidantly and also has a strong portfolio, including hands-on samples and  pictures of completed work. So, at least explore the potential answers a professional contractor can offer and see their portfolio of cabinet samples before you make a final decision to pursue the D.I.Y.  route.

How Long Will My Kitchen Cabinet Refinish Last?

Kitchen cabinets are a large part of your interior design. When you invest in a kitchen cabinet refinish, you are looking to add paint colors to your kitchen design that will enhance your décor and provide a long-standing look to your home. When it comes to the durability of kitchen cabinet refinishing, the product is a result of a tiered paint process and custom products that create the look you want to bring your interior design together. refinished kitchen cabinets

Often times when I complete a cabinet refinish, clients are interested in how long the finish on their refinished cabinets will last. The truth is, it will last nearly as long as the original factory finish. The paint products that are used along with the step-by-step process used to create the custom design for your kitchen cabinets creates an extremely durable finish that can hold up to everyday use.

With today’s waterborne paint products, you get the durability of industrial finishes without the odor, messy clean up or the waste disposal issues of oil industrial products. When we refinish cabinets as part of kitchen designs, we use primers that stick to tile, paints that bond to metal and professional level glazes and colorants that resist fading. This means your refinished design will stay put on your cabinets, no matter their surface type.

Protecting the paint colors you select for the kitchen cabinets, we apply clear coats that dry rock hard. This clear coat not only protects your paint colors from the sun, it also saves them from scratching and rubbing when cabinets are opened and closed.

So, when our clients ask us how long their cabinet refinish will last, we can be certain when we say that there’s more of a chance that you’ll change the finish on your kitchen cabinets due to trending styles in kitchen interior design than due to wear and tear to your cabinet refinish.

When Should You Paint your Kitchen Cabinets?

‘Tis the season to entertain, to gather together with family and friends and celebrate the holidays. As you prep your home for your next get-together, chances are you may notice some areas, like your kitchen, may be in need of a little repair. Kitchen renovation ideas tend to center around the kitchen cabinets and counters, first and foremost.

kitchen cabinets We have often heard from prospective clients, “When is it a good idea to paint, or refinish, kitchen cabinets?” There are really only a few instances when painting kitchen cabinets is NOT the answer to your kitchen renovation ideas.

Refinishing old cabinets, or even newer ones that are not the style you like, is the most inexpensive (in and around 1/3 the cost of cabinet refacing and 1/6 the cost of replacing kitchen cabinets with brand new ones.) and effective way to upgrade your kitchen. However, if any of the following scenarios is true of your kitchen cabinets, call a professional skilled in cabinet refinishing to see if it’s an option for you:

  • If many elements like shelves or the frames are broken on your cabinets. It may be that the frames are still intact; and doors can be replaced, so talk to your cabinet refinishing professional if your kitchen cabinets have seen a lot of use.
  • If your kitchen cabinets are laminated, cabinet refinishing may not be an option. Laminate can be difficult, and sometimes impossible, to remove from cabinets without damaging the integrity of the cabinet structure.
  • If you want to change the layout of the kitchen. While your kitchen cabinets can still be refinished, redesigning the room layout as part of your kitchen renovation ideas may need to be completed before you bring in a cabinet refinishing professional.

Other than that, painting kitchen cabinets is a great option, almost any finish can be achieved to create the design and décor you want for your entertaining space. So, when you notice your kitchen cabinets need a little TLC before you have holiday company, like my motto goes:

Don’t Re-Face, Don’t Replace……….. Refinish!

Great Paint Colors for Kitchens

Consider how much time you spend in your kitchen every day, and you’ll get a sense of the importance of selecting the perfect paint colors for kitchens. When I talk to a client about their kitchen cabinets and we begin selectingcabinet paint, I always drive the conversation back to the overall feeling they are looking for in their kitchen. Are they looking for a warm cozy kitchen, or maybe they want a clean, sterile environment for their food prep. No matter their taste, there is a delicate balance between kitchen cabinet colors and the overall kitchen design.

When you are considering kitchen cabinet colors, there are a few rules of thumb to keep in mind:

kitchen cabinets

High contrast color patterns like mocha kitchen cabinets against tan walls offer a bold appearance and highlight the cabinetry next to the wall, making it the focal point of the space.

Subtle differences in color pattern like white kitchen cabinets against yellow walls work better in a kitchen with an attached sun-room, or large windows, where there is a lot of sunlight.
Large kitchens work with either light or dark cabinets with high contrasting walls, to add the most character to the space through color.

Smaller kitchens seem to work better with lights kitchen cabinet colors against medium-toned walls.

If you are in the market to refinish your kitchen cabinets, the best course of action is to review as many kitchen cabinet colorsin varying colored walls as possible, to get a sense of the tone you want to have in your own kitchen. A custom paint job on your walls combined with a deluxe cabinet refinish for your kitchen cabinets will completely transform your kitchen in to any design you desire.

How Does Painting Kitchen Cabinets Increase the Value of your Home

The value of a home is a focus for just about every homeowner, and believe it or not, your kitchen cabinets can add worth to your home.

As any real estate agent will confirm, two of the most popular focal points for a prospective home buyer are the kitchen and bathrooms of a home they are considering. If the cabinets in either of these rooms are in poor condition, the potential of a sale on your home decreases.

Trends change over time and what was popular 10 to 15 years ago is probably out of date. Given the high probability that you have already installed a solid surface countertop, whether it be granite or some other stone, you really only have two choices when addressing the cabinets in your home. One option is re-facing, which involves new doors and laminating existing boxes along with a hefty price- tag. Or there is refinishing, which involves painting or staining the existing cabinetry with a professional level, custom and durable finish. This may involve a solid color painted finish like white, off- white or black or a layered finish with glazes and clear coats.

For a refinishing project, the cabinet color you choose will be mostly depend on what color the floor and countertops are in the room. A simple rule of thumb that works the best in my experience is contrasting colors between all the surfaces. For example, light floors, dark cabinets, light countertops or the opposite dark floors, light cabinets, dark countertops.

kitchen cabinets, refinish cabinets

If a home owner knows they are specifically refinishing cabinets with the express purpose of selling the home, the current trend is more towards solid lighter colors. The increase in value by painting the cabinets comes from the fact that even if a prospective buyer realizes the cabinets have been painted, the professional nature of the finish tends to allow them to accept the finish as something they can live with until such time as they want to change the style. They then purchase the home understanding the upgrade in value the refinished kitchen cabinets represent.

A professional sprayed finish is critical in achieving this goal. If the finish is not professional or amateurish with big brush strokes or drips, the prospective buyer may realize they may need to redo the kitchen entirely and look to deduct that cost, perhaps as much as $10 or $20,000 off, from the asking price of the home.

When you look around your home, consider the value that your kitchen cabinets and those in your bathrooms can add. Now take a good look at the condition of those same cabinets. Is it time to refinish?

How to Select Your Professional Cabinet Painting Contractor

Your kitchen cabinets are one of the focal points of your home, something you can use to wow visitors as well as to increase your home value before a sale. With that in mind, when the time comes to update your kitchen cabinets, it’s crucial that you find the most professional cabinet painting expert in the area to handle your cabinets

You want to be sure you achieve a stunning result for your refinished cabinets. There are several criteria to look for when selecting a painter to manage your professional cabinet painting job. Your professional cabinet painter should be:

  • Licensed and Insured

In the state of New Jersey, a professional painter must hold both a license and liability insurance to protect your property when they are on the job. Be sure to ask for your painter’s credentials before signing in with them.

  • Local

When hiring a professional to repaint your kitchen cabinets, keep in mind that even a small project can take a week or so to complete, and some of the work takes place in shop, where the cabinet doors need to be sprayed and dried. During that time your kitchen cabinets will be out of commission. Now imagine your contractor has to drive 50 miles back and forth from your home to his shop. Imagine the time added to the completion of your project. Hire a local painter, one who is an expert at professional cabinet painting, so if you need a touch up when the job is done, you can get it done quickly.

  • Experienced at Professional Cabinet Painting

While there are many great painters in the area, professional cabinet painting is a skill unto itself. It requires a professional with an eye to be able to look at your existing décor and offer options of the best colors to paint kitchen cabinets, as well as proven experience in the industry, based on a physical or online portfolio of professional cabinet painting pictures.  A reliable kitchen cabinet professional will also bring physical samples of painted kitchen cabinets for you to touch, to feel the texture, finish and see the durability that a professional cabinet refinish lends to your cabinets.

  • The Man (or Woman) for the Job

When you hire a professional cabinet painting contractor, you should know who is going to be doing the work, and how he’ll be doing the project. In other words, was the guy who gave you your custom estimate to have your cabinets refinished the same person who will be in your home, working on your kitchen cabinets?  Comfort with the person who will be sending several days in your home is very important to homeowners, the contractor who provides your estimate should be the same person who will be, at the very least, managing the work onsite for your project.

Once you sign on the dotted line, your contractor should be able to give personal samples of potential colors to paint kitchen cabinets in your home to select from, and the work should be guaranteed.

Refinished cabinets are a beautiful addition to any home, and able to completely change your décor. They simply must be done in the most professional, durable and eye-catching manner to ensure you get the most out of your investment. When it’s time to refinish your kitchen cabinets, use these criteria to ensure you get the right guy for the job, the first time around.

For You D.I.Y. Homeowners: Kitchen Cabinet Painting Intervention

With the popularity of HGTV and all the D.I.Y websites showing detailed videos of “how to repaint kitchen cabinets”, we thought it was a good time to address a few costly issues that arise when a non-professional makes an attempt at painting kitchen cabinets.

While there are a lot of house painting projects that homeowner’s can (and should) take on themselves, but kitchen cabinet painting isn’t one of them. Attempting to handle painting kitchen cabinets yourself will make a Do-It-Yourself project into an “I wish I didn’t”.

diy kitchen cabinet paintingHere’s why you need to stop researching “how to repaint kitchen cabinets” for your home, and call someone for professional cabinet painting:

  • For a homeowner that does not get a professional discount on painting products with the local supply store, the cost for just the paint, primer, sandpaper, stain or glaze can be between 15-20% more to purchase. Along with that fact, a non-professional painter managing a job the size of painting kitchen cabinets will use more product than a professional will, due to errors in application, over-application or mismatches in color.
  • Even if you are a fabulous painter, and many homeowners have the walls to prove it, the goal of kitchen cabinet painting is to achieve the same look as a cabinet reface or replacement. This requires a few thousand dollars in professional-grade sprayers to achieve a factory-smooth finish and perfect detail for custom colors.
  • Shortage of Work Space: When you are considering making a d.i.y job of kitchen cabinet painting, be sure to consider the amount of space each of your cabinet doors will take up while they dry between coats of primer, paint, stain and or glaze. Remember, you need to achieve a durable, “same as new “finish to really get the value out of a cabinet refinish, so several layers are necessary, with drying time in between each. To be efficient so you can get your kitchen cabinet doors back on, they should all be able to dry at the same time through each stage.
  • What Colors to Paint Kitchen Cabinets: Want a beautiful walnut or cherry finish for your cabinets? Maybe a rustic distressed white cabinet works best for your space? You need to know what colors to paint kitchen cabinets using combinations of paints or stains to achieve the custom finish you want. That also requires knowing how certain stains and paints will look once they dry on your primed cabinets.
  • Time to Paint Kitchen Cabinets: Keep in mind, while you are painting your kitchen cabinets, there will be no using any of the cabinets in your kitchen for storage. That said, time is a critical issue for many homeowners. Look back to the “shortage of work space” issue and consider where you will be drying your cabinet doors between coats and how long it will take to complete the job.

There is a lot of value to be obtained from painting kitchen cabinets; it is simply not a job that fits for a d.i.y. project. The goal of kitchen cabinet painting is to achieve a brand new look and durability for your older cabinets. If the job is rushed, or the right products not applied in the correct amounts or do not dry completely between coats, the results will be worse than the condition of your original cabinets. More than likely, you will have to then hire someone for professional cabinet painting to correct your work.

Manage the cost to paint kitchen cabinets by hiring a professional who can achieve the durable, custom finish you desire, to add new life to your décor and give your kitchen cabinets a longer life expectancy.

When is Cabinet Refacing a better Option than Cabinet Refinishing?

The short answer is practically never. Previously, we discussed tearing out all the cabinets because they were either very old and broken or the layout of the kitchen was to be completely changed.

If a permanent surface countertop has already been installed like granite or corian then that is no longer an option. We can assume that if someone was willing to put a permanent surface countertop on these cabinets in the first place, then they must be in pretty good shape, certainly something we can work with. cabinet refinish

Now then, an argument could have been made that cabinet refacing is needed because some existing doors were damaged or broken. Recently, however, I have begun working with professional cabinet makers who will make any style cabinet doors which I can refinish in anyway the customer requests.

Cabinet refinishes can range from solid color paints and stains to glazes and painted wood finishes. An order can be as small as one or two doors that  need to be customized or an entire kitchen worth of brand new doors and drawer fronts. Even hard-to-coat materials such as melamine  or thermofoil can be an issue.

In these case,s new doors would be made and the boxes (the part attached to the walls) would be primed and painted to match.

Recently, I had a customer with laminate kitchen cabinets who recieved a price of about $7,000 for cabinet refacing. Keep in mind, she only had a very small condominium and a small galley kitchen. I was able to have brand new raised panel doors made complete with fully hidden bloom hinges which I then painted and installed for less than $2,000.

If you do the math, you’ll see that she saved $5000 dollars by selecting cabinet refinishing over cabinet refacing, which in this case was 350 % more expensive.

So lets review.

When is it better to reface cabinets than to refinish cabinets?

Let’s look at the options offered with a cabinet refinish :

  • Decorative trim additions
  • Crown Molding
  • Additional cabinets can be installed
  • Custom cabinet doors can be made
  • Almost unlimited finishes available
  • Anywhere from 3 to 5 times cheaper than refacing.
  • So when is it better to reface than to refinish, like I said almost never.

Call me,  Carm,  for a free estimate anytime to see how much we can save you when we build a custom look for your cabinets.

Choosing the “Right Color” for your Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

So you have decided that replacing or refacing your cabinets wasn’t the way to go, and painting them professionally will work just fine to create a new look for your home.Great! Now what?Picking cabinet colors when for kitchen cabinet refinishingdoesn’t have to be a major ordeal indeed it depends on what you already have to work with. There can be a few different scenarios, but they all involve a combination of changing or keeping part or all of your existing kitchen décor; the counter tops, the backsplash, and the kitchen floors.If you decide you want to overhaul your whole kitchen, including refinishing your cabinets, then a little more planning will be in order. When deciding the color scheme of the whole kitchen, it’s vital to understand the importance of contrasting colors between the surfaces in the room.That is to say …… if you know you want white kitchen cabinets then you would probably not want white or very light colored floors. The lack of contrast between the surfaces in your kitchen will look washed out and bland. In the same way… if you know you want dark counter tops, then lighter colored painted cabinets would work best .

It isn’t as confusing as it might sound, as look at a gallery of kitchen cabinet pictures will demonstrate very clearly. You will see that the pictures of kitchen cabinets with high contrast surfaces (a dark floor and white cabinets with dark counter tops and a mid tone tile back splash) will jump off the screen. While other kitchen cabinet pictures showing an oak floor with light cherry cabinets and a butcher block counter top and a mid-tone back splash will wash out and be less interesting to the eye.

This insight will help you determine weather you want light of dark floors with light or dark cabinets. Keep in mind, specific kitchen cabinet paint colors really can’t be determined until all surfaces are installed.

Yup. Painting kitchen cabinets is dead last in the order of things to do in the case of a kitchen redesign. Let no one tell you different.

So you have laid the floor down installed the backsplash and the granite tops are down. How do you pick a kitchen cabinet paint color? I will bring along some existing cabinet samples of light and dark cabinet doors to compare against the surfaces you have in your kitchen. From there, we’ll use a color chart to find kitchen cabinet paint colors in the granite from your kitchen counter you may want to accent. For example, your granite has an off-white background. That color can be the base coat of the kitchen cabinets. The darker color in the granite could be the inspiration for the dark color we can use to over glaze the kitchen cabinet paint. The bottom line is, we use what already exists in your kitchen to help us select our cabinet paint color and style.

So let’s review.

  1. Get a price from a refacer first to show just how much money I will save you.
  2. Contact me and we’ll get started with your custom cabinet refacing.
  3. Decide what surfaces are going and staying
  4. Plan how the contrasting surfaces will interact to determine light and dark elements
  5. Install all surfaces
  6. Examine sample doors and color charts with me to further refine cabinet color and finish.
  7. Enjoy your professionally refinished kitchen cabinets knowing you paid probably 25% the cost of refaced cabinets and 10 % the cost of new cabinets, with a durable, custom finish!

Home Design Tip # 17: Consider what you Can’t Change about your Home Décor, and Contrast with What you Can Change.

Ever have a part of your décor that you loved, but that presented some design issues you weren’t sure how to beat?

Case in point, recently, a cabinet refinishing client of our called and noted that they have just installed a brand new, medium-dark oak hardwood floor in their kitchen. They had plans to replace their counter top with a medium-dark granite top.

They wanted to redo their cabinets, which at present matched the medium-dark oak of the new kitchen floor which gave the whole room a monochromatic color scheme, in other words, boring.

When they called Carm Interiors, they expressed their interest in cabinet refinishing, but were unsure what colors would work with their new counter and floors to make a statement and add some life to the room.

Our recommendation was to refinish their cabinets with an off-white distressed finish to contrast against the dark floor and counter. For the island, we refinished the cabinets and surfaces in an almost black glaze, to create a focal point for the kitchen as well as contrast with the medium-dark oak floor.

                                       The result was a multi-dimensional room that felt warm and inviting.

The lesson? Take what you can’t change about your décor (the new floor and counters) and contrast against it to build layers  of color that fit your home décor vision.

Make a bold statement between colors to allow for each aspect of your room to join in the overall look and feel.

 Ready to update your interior décor from drab to fab?

Cabinet refinishing can be the answer to a bland room

that needs some color contrast to bring it back to life.

Baby, it’s Cold Outside! How to Update your Fireplace on a Budget with a Custom Faux Finish

It’s no secret that most people are feeling some sort of financial burden these days. However, homes are a maintenance project in the making, requiring constant updates to maintain value and offer the warmest setting for you and your guests. Faux effects can enhance the beauty of your home while saving you money…

With the weather turning colder with each passing day, fireplaces, gas or wood alike, are being lit more and more often to heat up family rooms and the families in them. With this use, and increased time indoors, comes a focus on the condition of the fireplace mantle.

Your fireplaces mantle will become a focal point in your home during the fall and winter. If it is chipped, cracking or has stripped paint and stain, it needs to be updated not only for the aesthetic appeal it can offer to your home, but also for the upkeep of your fireplace. The mantle keep the fireplace intact and ensures the best function, so it needs to be in the best condition at all times.

When considering maintenance to your existing fireplace mantle, in these tight economic times, cutting costs without cutting quality of the results is essential. Consider these points:

  • It costs and average $4000, $2000 to update an existing fireplace to stone or marble.
  • The timetable to marble or stone a fireplace can take weeks, between ordering the materials and labor.

To the happy contrary, faux finishing a marble, stone or wood finish on an existing fireplace mantle takes as little as two days from start to finish and costs, on average, between $400 and $600.00. The finish is undistinguishable from the real marble or stone finish, and is sealed to last for years to come.

There is no need to measure, cut and re-cut wood or marble to meet the exact dimensions of your fireplace mantle, as the faux finish goes on to the existing mantle after it has been sanded and prepped by your faux finish contractor.

Enhance the beauty of your fireplace this fall and save enough money to cover your holiday shopping, and maybe an extra gift for yourself for making such an economic decision for your home.

Why Refinishing Existing Cabinets is a Great Solution for Home Sellers

Cabinet Refinishing

See our Impressive Cabinet Refinishing Portfolio HERE!

Most would agree that the most important room in the house is the kitchen. As the Home Seller you have the responsibility to make that room stand out. You could spend $20,000 to $40,000 remodeling the kitchen from top to bottom: adding new floors, replacing countertops, new backsplash etc, but easily the most important item in this makeover is the cabinetry. You could spend $10,000 or so just for new cabinets before you install them. Even the refacing option is nearly as expensive, perhaps $7000 or more!  There is money-saving option however, refinishing! 

Refinishing  cabinets offers a great alternative for updating the kitchen without breaking your makeover budget.  Typically a kitchen in a home of 2000 to 3000 sq feet between 20 and 30 cabinet doors and can be refinished a cost between $1200 and $2500. Almost any finish you require can be achieved using our techniques. Finishes range from the simple repaints to a faux finish with glazes and clear coats; solid color whites and off whites to stains like cherry, maple, mahogany and others are possible.

In addition, doors and drawer fronts can even be replaced and refinished if necessary.  Keep in mind these are professional finishes. Absolutely no brush strokes will show here. The goal in our refinishing is make people believe that these are new cabinets.  Ultimately we know they are not, but if they look factory built any perspective buyer will certainly be much less likely to insist on a lower sale price of the home because he needs to put in new cabinets, which is what we are going for anyway! 

Refinishing cabinets at such low costs can free up substantial funds, which could be used for other, more vital repairs. In addition, fireplace mantels and bathroom vanities can be done in this way to update their look and create a uniform style throughout the home.

When selling a home consider that Carm ~ Interiors Cabinet Refinishing will:

  • Save thousands , perhaps $10,000 or more
  • Allow you to use savings for other mandatory repairs
  • Be done in less that 2 weeks
  • Have a Minimal affect on kitchen function
  • Refinish Bathroom Vanities, and Mantels as well

Give us a call today!

Building Interior Décor around a Faux Finish

When working with a home owner in a redecoration project, color schemes and textures are at the top of the conversation. They look to you, their interior designer, to guide them with the tools and industry options that exist to build their final vision, and the ability to enhance the end result exists in faux effects for walls or furniture.

Faux effects can be applied to any room of the property and can be combined with other faux effects to create a layered look. Using one faux effect in an area of every room of the house can create a uniform continuity that brings the whole look of a space together.

When hiring outside contractors for the faux effect aspect of your design project, it’s important to ensure that they have the training and skill required to bring about the desired results. Carm Interiors offers skilled faux finish technicians that were trained at The Finishing School in Long Island N.Y., learning the basics such as simple glazing and color washing to more advanced effects such as Venetian plaster, crackle, distressing, marbling, luster stone, and advanced cabinetry. They have taken these techniques to come up with new colors and variations for a unique result.

Our Faux Effect services include a complete Range of Faux Finishes Using The Highest Quality Pigments,Glazes & Textures

Unique Faux Finishes ~ Simple Glazes – Sponging – Ragging – Colorwashing. Stippling – Stenciling – Striae – Etc.

Textures ~ Venetian Plaster – Lime Plaster – Knockdown – Brushed Suede – Ovilla – Sandstone – Etc.

Specialty ~ Marble effects – Columns – Mantels – Metallics Brushed Pearl – Wood Graining Tuscan Accents

The interior design projects you create can be built around the faux effects we offer, giving your clients a truly one-of-a-kind décor result.