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Your home is where you gather with your family and friends, where you rest and relax and where your day-to-day life happens.With that in mind, chances are, you amassed a collection of things, to entertain you, to soothe you, to get your through your day, and each of them needs a place to live in your home.

bathroom cabinet refinishWhy Paint Bathroom Cabinets

Your bathroom holds the means of your downtime, where you start and end your days, where you refresh yourself and start anew. That means a bunch of stuff that needs a place to live, towels, wash cloths, soaps and lotions, hair accessories, etc. The list goes on. Cabinetry in your bathroom is a necessity to control all the things you need to start your day, but that doesn’t meant it has to be purely functional.

By custom-painting your bathroom cabinets and vanity, you add a unique-style that is yours alone. This style creates the atmosphere you need to revitalize yourself, and can be as individual as your wardrobe. Consider colors that are soothing like sage green, warm walnut brown or even country white for your bathroom cabinets to set the tone for your days.

Customize Wall Units/Entertainment Center Cabinets

Your living room or family room, even your garage and basement, all need storage cabinets to hold their relative items. When you consider your entertainment space, keep in mind that the wall unit or entertainment center is often – literally – the center-focal points of the room. It deserves a custom color and finish that shows it in its best light, giving a fun and unique backdrop to your space.

Garages, laundry rooms or basements often house the “overflow” items of your household, but that doesn’t meant the cabinets should be left utilitarian. Add a pop of color to your storage rooms that creates a seamless-style that runs throughout your home.