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Spring Spruce Up for your Cabinets

It’s that time of year again, time for spring cleaning, home updates and refreshes to shake of the monotonous grey of winter. One aspect of the home that is often disregarded in this flurry of updates are the cabinets. In laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and offices, they get daily wear and tear from ongoing use and tend to show their age earlier than a lot of other household surfaces.

Cabinet refinishing is a reliable and durable process to update the cabinets throughout your home. A professional painter can take your existing cabinets, add some layers of paint and gloss and create a completely new look for their respective rooms.

A professional painter is the best choice for your cabinet refinish project. Some of the important things to remember when hiring a painter are that they should be:

Licensed and Insured

In the state of New Jersey, a professional painter must hold both a license and liability insurance to protect your property when they are on the job.


When hiring a professional to repaint your kitchen cabinets, keep in mind that even a small project can take a week or so to complete, and some of the work takes place in shop, where the cabinet doors need to be sprayed and dried. During that time your kitchen cabinets will be out of commission. Now imagine your contractor has to drive 50 miles back and forth from your home to his shop. Imagine the time added to the completion of your project. Hire a local painter, one who is an expert at professional cabinet painting, so if you need a touch up when the job is done, you can get it done quickly.

Experienced at Professional Cabinet Painting

While there are many great painters in the area, professional cabinet painting is a skill unto itself. It requires a professional with an eye to be able to look at your existing décor and offer options of the best colors to paint kitchen cabinets, as well as proven experience in the industry, based on a physical or online portfolio of professional cabinet painting pictures.  A reliable kitchen cabinet professional will also bring physical samples of painted kitchen cabinets for you to touch, to feel the texture, finish and see the durability that a professional cabinet refinish lends to your cabinets.

Once you sign on the dotted line, your contractor should be able to give personal samples of potential colors to paint kitchen cabinets in your home to select from, and the work should be guaranteed.