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4 Simple Bathroom Updates to Enhance your Decor

This time of year, the longer days keep us indoors a little more. That means we’re paying a little more attention to the condition of our home. The bathroom gets a lot of traffic each day, so it can take the hit of more inside time faster than a lot of other rooms in your home.

Keep the following 4 updates in mind when the time comes to update your décor in your bathroom.

Paint your Bathroom Walls

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you could have a completely new look in less than a day with a fresh coat of paint. Select a paint color that offers the atmosphere you want in your bathroom, whether it’s serene like sage green, or upbeat like lemon yellow. Be sure to accent your new wall color with accessories like towels and rugs to create a unique space you can call your own.

Replace Outdated Lightingbathroom decor

Lighting can be a real mood changer, even in a bathroom. If your house was built with strip bulbs like you see in the image to the right, consider custom bulbs in softer floors light off white or even something like red that makes the space pop.

Paint your Bathroom Cabinets

Do you bathroom cabinets look like they could use an update? Daily use, toothpaste spills and step stools banging into cabinet doors can cause scratches or paint discoloration over time. Employ a professional to refinish your bathroom cabinets with a few coats of custom paint and glaze to take cabinets that look like this:  bathroom cabinets

To this:
bathroom cabinets

Replace Hardware

With the humidity that happens daily in a bathroom, the metal hardware tends to turn rusted or change colors after a while. This can give your bathroom a dated look, even if your house is newer. Replace your bathroom cabinet hardware to a more contemporary look, focusing on trends like antique bronze or brushed silver for an easy-to-do and inexpensive bathroom update.