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How to Spice up your Home with Fall Paint Colors

Often referred to as earth tones, fall colors have gotten a bit of a bland rap when it comes to home décor. Oranges, browns, off-whites, greens, tend to be used as backdrops to rooms other than the focal points. This really needs to change.

Fall paint colors offer home owners the ability to add hints of spice like cinnamon and sage to the walls and accent areas in Harris-4-600x800their home. These colors are warm and inviting and let even the most neutral space shine.

Using Fall Paint Colors to Warm Up Your New Home

When people first move into a new home, they are often faced with what is called construction-grade paint on the walls. This means flat paint, both in color and sheen. For a décor choice, it leaves a lot to be desired. Instantly add color and life to your walls by accenting construction grade painting in your home with fall paint colors.

Keep in mind that new walls settle which causes cracks and can ruin paint work, so be selective about where you add your colors. Choose accent walls, window boxes or even recessed walls to add greens, plums, oranges or reds and add some great personality to your new rooms.

One place you can add color to your rooms without risk of wall settlement damage is your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets can be refinished to offer deep reds, walnut brown, periwinkle blue, rust orange or any other fall color that will spice up your kitchen. A cabinet refinish will also offer a custom look that will last for years, increasing the value of your home

Add Life to Older Rooms

If your home is older, then chances are the paint colors are either faded or need a little updating.  Imagine adding a nice deep red to brighten up your rooms or a soft sage to a fireplace or wall anywhere in your home.

Older bathrooms tend to be smaller, so imagine painting the walls with a sunflower yellow. It will add color and character to any sized space.

The fact is, fall paint colors add something unique to your space. Let Mother Nature’s colors come into your home and spice up your rooms and walls.