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Two Hot Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends

Interior design trends don’t stop at walls and accessories, kitchen cabinets offer another level of design opportunity for homeowners looking to create a truly unique living space. Think about all the time you spend in your kitchen, and it becomes clear how amazing design for your kitchen cabinets will enhance your home.

Accessorize to Enhance

One of the hottest trends for kitchen cabinets is adding embellishments and accessory pieces to them. Along with a rich color of paint, enhance the interior design of your cabinets by adding crown molding at their tops, or even at the bottom of upper cabinets to create curves and lines to draw attention.

Add balusters and corbels on islands with base trim and other types of decorative molding, like fluted designs. These additions turn the standard rectangle shape of an island to a decorative furniture piece in your kitchen.

Extreme Colors for Kitchen Cabinetskitchen cabinets

Many homes are built with kitchen cabinets with paint colors like white, or stain like golden oak, to offer as neutral a color as possible to discerning homebuyers. The purpose of using more neutral tones is that it offers the new homeowner more color options for walls and accessories. However, the second trend for kitchen cabinets is all but neutral.

Rich paint and stain colors create an incredible effect when applied properly. The current trend for kitchen cabinet colors runs the gamut from deep espresso to rich, mahogany and cherry finishes. Combining colors for kitchen cabinets, like black and white, create a multi-dimensional look and create an effect that seems to expand the size of your kitchen.

Combining these two trends, rich-color paint on cabinets and embellishments like molding or corbels allow you to create a unique design in your kitchen. Warm up the busiest room in your home with one or both of these kitchen cabinet trends and make your home the interior design trend-setter in your neighborhood.