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For You D.I.Y. Homeowners: Kitchen Cabinet Painting Intervention

With the popularity of HGTV and all the D.I.Y websites showing detailed videos of “how to repaint kitchen cabinets”, we thought it was a good time to address a few costly issues that arise when a non-professional makes an attempt at painting kitchen cabinets.

While there are a lot of house painting projects that homeowner’s can (and should) take on themselves, but kitchen cabinet painting isn’t one of them. Attempting to handle painting kitchen cabinets yourself will make a Do-It-Yourself project into an “I wish I didn’t”.

diy kitchen cabinet paintingHere’s why you need to stop researching “how to repaint kitchen cabinets” for your home, and call someone for professional cabinet painting:

  • For a homeowner that does not get a professional discount on painting products with the local supply store, the cost for just the paint, primer, sandpaper, stain or glaze can be between 15-20% more to purchase. Along with that fact, a non-professional painter managing a job the size of painting kitchen cabinets will use more product than a professional will, due to errors in application, over-application or mismatches in color.
  • Even if you are a fabulous painter, and many homeowners have the walls to prove it, the goal of kitchen cabinet painting is to achieve the same look as a cabinet reface or replacement. This requires a few thousand dollars in professional-grade sprayers to achieve a factory-smooth finish and perfect detail for custom colors.
  • Shortage of Work Space: When you are considering making a d.i.y job of kitchen cabinet painting, be sure to consider the amount of space each of your cabinet doors will take up while they dry between coats of primer, paint, stain and or glaze. Remember, you need to achieve a durable, “same as new “finish to really get the value out of a cabinet refinish, so several layers are necessary, with drying time in between each. To be efficient so you can get your kitchen cabinet doors back on, they should all be able to dry at the same time through each stage.
  • What Colors to Paint Kitchen Cabinets: Want a beautiful walnut or cherry finish for your cabinets? Maybe a rustic distressed white cabinet works best for your space? You need to know what colors to paint kitchen cabinets using combinations of paints or stains to achieve the custom finish you want. That also requires knowing how certain stains and paints will look once they dry on your primed cabinets.
  • Time to Paint Kitchen Cabinets: Keep in mind, while you are painting your kitchen cabinets, there will be no using any of the cabinets in your kitchen for storage. That said, time is a critical issue for many homeowners. Look back to the “shortage of work space” issue and consider where you will be drying your cabinet doors between coats and how long it will take to complete the job.

There is a lot of value to be obtained from painting kitchen cabinets; it is simply not a job that fits for a d.i.y. project. The goal of kitchen cabinet painting is to achieve a brand new look and durability for your older cabinets. If the job is rushed, or the right products not applied in the correct amounts or do not dry completely between coats, the results will be worse than the condition of your original cabinets. More than likely, you will have to then hire someone for professional cabinet painting to correct your work.

Manage the cost to paint kitchen cabinets by hiring a professional who can achieve the durable, custom finish you desire, to add new life to your décor and give your kitchen cabinets a longer life expectancy.