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Choosing the “Right Color” for your Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

So you have decided that replacing or refacing your cabinets wasn’t the way to go, and painting them professionally will work just fine to create a new look for your home.Great! Now what?Picking cabinet colors when for kitchen cabinet refinishingdoesn’t have to be a major ordeal indeed it depends on what you already have to work with. There can be a few different scenarios, but they all involve a combination of changing or keeping part or all of your existing kitchen décor; the counter tops, the backsplash, and the kitchen floors.If you decide you want to overhaul your whole kitchen, including refinishing your cabinets, then a little more planning will be in order. When deciding the color scheme of the whole kitchen, it’s vital to understand the importance of contrasting colors between the surfaces in the room.That is to say …… if you know you want white kitchen cabinets then you would probably not want white or very light colored floors. The lack of contrast between the surfaces in your kitchen will look washed out and bland. In the same way… if you know you want dark counter tops, then lighter colored painted cabinets would work best .

It isn’t as confusing as it might sound, as look at a gallery of kitchen cabinet pictures will demonstrate very clearly. You will see that the pictures of kitchen cabinets with high contrast surfaces (a dark floor and white cabinets with dark counter tops and a mid tone tile back splash) will jump off the screen. While other kitchen cabinet pictures showing an oak floor with light cherry cabinets and a butcher block counter top and a mid-tone back splash will wash out and be less interesting to the eye.

This insight will help you determine weather you want light of dark floors with light or dark cabinets. Keep in mind, specific kitchen cabinet paint colors really can’t be determined until all surfaces are installed.

Yup. Painting kitchen cabinets is dead last in the order of things to do in the case of a kitchen redesign. Let no one tell you different.

So you have laid the floor down installed the backsplash and the granite tops are down. How do you pick a kitchen cabinet paint color? I will bring along some existing cabinet samples of light and dark cabinet doors to compare against the surfaces you have in your kitchen. From there, we’ll use a color chart to find kitchen cabinet paint colors in the granite from your kitchen counter you may want to accent. For example, your granite has an off-white background. That color can be the base coat of the kitchen cabinets. The darker color in the granite could be the inspiration for the dark color we can use to over glaze the kitchen cabinet paint. The bottom line is, we use what already exists in your kitchen to help us select our cabinet paint color and style.

So let’s review.

  1. Get a price from a refacer first to show just how much money I will save you.
  2. Contact me and we’ll get started with your custom cabinet refacing.
  3. Decide what surfaces are going and staying
  4. Plan how the contrasting surfaces will interact to determine light and dark elements
  5. Install all surfaces
  6. Examine sample doors and color charts with me to further refine cabinet color and finish.
  7. Enjoy your professionally refinished kitchen cabinets knowing you paid probably 25% the cost of refaced cabinets and 10 % the cost of new cabinets, with a durable, custom finish!