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Why Refinishing Existing Cabinets is a Great Solution for Home Sellers

Cabinet Refinishing

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Most would agree that the most important room in the house is the kitchen. As the Home Seller you have the responsibility to make that room stand out. You could spend $20,000 to $40,000 remodeling the kitchen from top to bottom: adding new floors, replacing countertops, new backsplash etc, but easily the most important item in this makeover is the cabinetry. You could spend $10,000 or so just for new cabinets before you install them. Even the refacing option is nearly as expensive, perhaps $7000 or more!  There is money-saving option however, refinishing! 

Refinishing  cabinets offers a great alternative for updating the kitchen without breaking your makeover budget.  Typically a kitchen in a home of 2000 to 3000 sq feet between 20 and 30 cabinet doors and can be refinished a cost between $1200 and $2500. Almost any finish you require can be achieved using our techniques. Finishes range from the simple repaints to a faux finish with glazes and clear coats; solid color whites and off whites to stains like cherry, maple, mahogany and others are possible.

In addition, doors and drawer fronts can even be replaced and refinished if necessary.  Keep in mind these are professional finishes. Absolutely no brush strokes will show here. The goal in our refinishing is make people believe that these are new cabinets.  Ultimately we know they are not, but if they look factory built any perspective buyer will certainly be much less likely to insist on a lower sale price of the home because he needs to put in new cabinets, which is what we are going for anyway! 

Refinishing cabinets at such low costs can free up substantial funds, which could be used for other, more vital repairs. In addition, fireplace mantels and bathroom vanities can be done in this way to update their look and create a uniform style throughout the home.

When selling a home consider that Carm ~ Interiors Cabinet Refinishing will:

  • Save thousands , perhaps $10,000 or more
  • Allow you to use savings for other mandatory repairs
  • Be done in less that 2 weeks
  • Have a Minimal affect on kitchen function
  • Refinish Bathroom Vanities, and Mantels as well

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