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Baby, it’s Cold Outside! How to Update your Fireplace on a Budget with a Custom Faux Finish

It’s no secret that most people are feeling some sort of financial burden these days. However, homes are a maintenance project in the making, requiring constant updates to maintain value and offer the warmest setting for you and your guests. Faux effects can enhance the beauty of your home while saving you money…

With the weather turning colder with each passing day, fireplaces, gas or wood alike, are being lit more and more often to heat up family rooms and the families in them. With this use, and increased time indoors, comes a focus on the condition of the fireplace mantle.

Your fireplaces mantle will become a focal point in your home during the fall and winter. If it is chipped, cracking or has stripped paint and stain, it needs to be updated not only for the aesthetic appeal it can offer to your home, but also for the upkeep of your fireplace. The mantle keep the fireplace intact and ensures the best function, so it needs to be in the best condition at all times.

When considering maintenance to your existing fireplace mantle, in these tight economic times, cutting costs without cutting quality of the results is essential. Consider these points:

  • It costs and average $4000, $2000 to update an existing fireplace to stone or marble.
  • The timetable to marble or stone a fireplace can take weeks, between ordering the materials and labor.

To the happy contrary, faux finishing a marble, stone or wood finish on an existing fireplace mantle takes as little as two days from start to finish and costs, on average, between $400 and $600.00. The finish is undistinguishable from the real marble or stone finish, and is sealed to last for years to come.

There is no need to measure, cut and re-cut wood or marble to meet the exact dimensions of your fireplace mantle, as the faux finish goes on to the existing mantle after it has been sanded and prepped by your faux finish contractor.

Enhance the beauty of your fireplace this fall and save enough money to cover your holiday shopping, and maybe an extra gift for yourself for making such an economic decision for your home.