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Building Interior Décor around a Faux Finish

When working with a home owner in a redecoration project, color schemes and textures are at the top of the conversation. They look to you, their interior designer, to guide them with the tools and industry options that exist to build their final vision, and the ability to enhance the end result exists in faux effects for walls or furniture.

Faux effects can be applied to any room of the property and can be combined with other faux effects to create a layered look. Using one faux effect in an area of every room of the house can create a uniform continuity that brings the whole look of a space together.

When hiring outside contractors for the faux effect aspect of your design project, it’s important to ensure that they have the training and skill required to bring about the desired results. Carm Interiors offers skilled faux finish technicians that were trained at The Finishing School in Long Island N.Y., learning the basics such as simple glazing and color washing to more advanced effects such as Venetian plaster, crackle, distressing, marbling, luster stone, and advanced cabinetry. They have taken these techniques to come up with new colors and variations for a unique result.

Our Faux Effect services include a complete Range of Faux Finishes Using The Highest Quality Pigments,Glazes & Textures

Unique Faux Finishes ~ Simple Glazes – Sponging – Ragging – Colorwashing. Stippling – Stenciling – Striae – Etc.

Textures ~ Venetian Plaster – Lime Plaster – Knockdown – Brushed Suede – Ovilla – Sandstone – Etc.

Specialty ~ Marble effects – Columns – Mantels – Metallics Brushed Pearl – Wood Graining Tuscan Accents

The interior design projects you create can be built around the faux effects we offer, giving your clients a truly one-of-a-kind décor result.